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When you donate directly to one of our projects, you can be sure that your support will go exactly where you want it to. With our donor newsletter you will receive regular updates on the status quo and the development of the individual projects. Through our social media channels, we keep you informed about the Foundation’s work in the areas of research, education, and prevention.

Donate for
Tinnitus Research
100 EUR
Support our research projects and science communication so that those affected can be helped faster and better.
Even with e.g. 100 € you help us to evaluate and disseminate important research results on the subject of tinnitus, other hearing impairments and other concomitant diseases.
Donate for
Kita projects
90 EUR
Help us to inform young children how to protect their hearing and prevent tinnitus. Our current project: An illustrated picture book for daycare children with many creative learning games.
In planning: A kindergarten case 'Healthy Hearing' incl. picture book; with a donation of 90 EUR or more, we can also equip it with an ear model, children's ear muffs and educational games.
Donate for
Dementia Prevention
80 EUR
Promote our Tinnitus & Dementia Education program to help prevent social withdrawal and cognitive decline in older people affected by dementia.
For example, 80 € corresponds to 1/125th of the realization costs of the information materials incl. explanatory video with tips and exercise instructions for caregiving relatives.
Donate for
Ear health @workplace
50 EUR
Get involved in our educational work on the connection between stress and tinnitus. For more mental health in the workplace.
For example, with 50 € you support the production of 500 information flyers that we would like to make available to companies and organizations as part of the information campaign.

Donate an amount of your choice for one of our projects via our donation platform Betterplace.org, here you can also find more needs.


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