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Foundation Boards

The foundation’s work is conceived, realized and controlled by various bodies: the Foundation Council, the Executive Board, the Scientific Advisory Board and the Advisory Board.

Foundation Council

An important part of our work is carried out by the Foundation Council, which, according to § 10 of the Foundation's statutes, monitors, advises and supports the Executive Board in its activities. The Foundation Council appoints the Executive Board and adopts the Foundation's annual report. It is chaired by Prof. Dr. Rudolf Tauber.


Executive Board

The Foundation Tinnitus and Hearing is managed by a five-member Executive Board, which represents the Foundation both in and out of court and administers it on its own responsibility in accordance with the Foundation Statutes (see Foundation Statutes § 7). Professor Dr. Birgit Mazurek, Director of the Tinnitus Centre Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin, is appointed Chairperson.


Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board supports the Executive Board and the Foundation Council in the implementation of the Foundation's purpose according to § 12 of the Foundation's Statutes: It advises the Foundation on the awarding of research contracts and reviews the submissions for the annual research prize. The members of the Advisory Board are appointed by the Executive Board. The board consists of 11 members (as of March 2022).


Advisory Board

The Advisory Board was appointed for the first time in 2016. According to § 11 of the Foundation's statutes, it is the task of this body to accompany the Foundation in an impulsive manner and to advocate for its concerns in public. So far, six personalities from business, science, politics and culture have been members of the Board. Prof. Dr. Detlev Ganten was elected chairman, Dr. Christina Stresemann is the deputy chairman.