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Here you will find current press releases and brief information about the foundation and its projects. Follow us also on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

Berlin, July 10, 2023

PMS AG endows the 5th Tinnitus & Hearing Research Award in 2023

Berlin, May 16, 2023

ENT Congress 2023 in Leipzig

Berlin, April 26, 2023

Day against noise 2023

Berlin, March 3, 2023

World Hearing Day 2023

Berlin, February 6, 2023

Tinnitus Awareness Week 2023

Berlin, December 5, 2022

4th research prize goes to Vienna

Berlin, November 11, 2022

Study on the need for education on the subject of tinnitus

Berlin, 09 November 2022

Tinnitus Symposium 2022

Berlin, 01 October 2022

Day of the senses beginning of October 2022

Berlin, March 3, 2022

World Hearing Day 2022

Berlin, December 3, 2021

Third research prize awarded to young scientist Dr. Elouise Koops

Berlin, September 2021

Revised guideline “Chronic Tinnitus” published

Berlin, May 2020

Announcement of the 2nd Tinnitus & Hearing Research Award for 2020

Berlin, December 2019

Research prize 2019 awarded

Berlin, September 2019

European network for tinnitus self-help (EUTINNET) founded

Berlin, 04 April 2019

First-time awarding of the Tinnitus & Hearing Research Prize

Berlin, March 25, 2019

Scientifically proven basis for assessing the effectiveness of tinnitus therapies

Berlin, February 28, 2019

Launch of the 2019 prevention campaign for World Hearing Day on 3.3.19: German Tinnitus Foundation Charité supports #HIERGEHÖRT, a campaign of the Good Hearing Initiative.

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