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In consultation with the Executive Board, the management team is responsible for the strategy, planning and implementation of the foundation’s projects in accordance with the fulfillment of the foundation’s purpose. It is also responsible for fundraising and the support of donors as well as the proper documentation of all income and expenses. The Managing Director Gunhild Flöter reports to the Executive Board.


Gunhild Flöter

After her studies in the humanities, Gunhild Flöter initially worked as a freelance cultural journalist, publisher and press spokesperson for an international youth culture and education project. In 2001, she moved to a communications agency, where she has since been responsible for CSR/sustainability and foundation communications. In this capacity, she has also advised the Foundation Tinnitus and Hearing Charité, among others, since its establishment in 2011. She was appointed managing director of the foundation in October 2021.

“More and more young people are suffering from tinnitus or other inner ear disorders. Working people and older people often admit far too late that they have hearing problems and thus do not take the necessary precautions early enough. As a foundation, we want to counteract this development.”