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“I support the German Foundation Tinnitus and Hearing Charité because, unfortunately, I myself have suffered from tinnitus for a long time. Therefore, I know what it means to have ‘one’s peace’.

I pay much more attention to my ears and health today than I did many years ago. Because tinnitus can be prevented and you can also live well with it if you take care of yourself and your body and get information in time!”

Sven Väth
DJ, label operator and musician


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“For me as a musician, my hearing is the most important sensory organ. Hearing is everything. Of course, I know what it’s like to have tinnitus and that’s why I think research and protection are very important, because that sound drives you crazy. So please, protect young people and workaholics from this terrible noise. Let’s hear some good music!”

Parov Stelar
Austrian DJ and producer in the field of jazz, house, electro and breakbeat


Photo © Emma J at Woolhouse Studios

“In my role as an ambassador for the British Tinnitus Association, I’ve been working really hard for years to raise awareness of tinnitus among musicians, DJs and even doctors – and most importantly recently – , the government.

One in ten people in the UK suffers from tinnitus, but the government does not support research. That has to change. I put out the album titled ‘I am the one in ten’ in 2016, where every artist on the CD has tinnitus, as well as everyone else involved in the production and release of the record, from the person who designed the cover to the one handling radio promotion. Among the artists involved in the album are Coldplay, Black Eyed Peas and DJ Fresh.

Education is the key to government funding and we must do all we can to get through to those in power. I wish you much success in your educational work in Germany.”

Eddy Temple-Morris
British DJ, Music Producer & Presenter


Photo © Ralph Siegel

“I find education about tinnitus and especially the protection of hearing infinitely important, so legislators should finally introduce a phon limit on unreasonable noise generation in public places by motorcycles, lawnmowers, etc., and especially in bars and discos by hearing-damaging excessively loud music – hearing is life and being deaf, life on the sidelines.”

Ralph Siegel


Photo © Valentina Cenni

“Let’s help the German Tinnitus Foundation!!! They are working to free people from the tyranny of noise: Quiet, Please!”

Stefano Bollani
Italian jazz pianist


Photo © Dejan Patic

“I think tinnitus research is important because silence is as important to me as music.”

Sonia Brex
Italian musician


Photo © Antonio Pedro Afonso

“Tinnitus research and education is important to me, first because we musicians are at increased risk and want to use our ears for life if possible. However, as tinnitus has become more and more a common ‘disease of civilization,’ our society needs to be made more aware of it and prevention needs to be done.”

Paul Frick
Band co-founder, pianist & percussionist of BrandtBrauerFrick


Photo © Tristan Vostry

“I think education about tinnitus and protecting hearing is important because without hearing sound and the world, our lives would lose so much quality and depth.”

Maria Antonia Smalley
Singer of AmpersAnd, former singer & band founder of Chapeau Claque


Photo © AME.Media

“I think education about tinnitus and protecting your hearing is important because hardly anyone knows how it gets lodged in your ear and how you can get it out of there (hosted it myself as a guest for a year, unfortunately)!”

Lou Bega
German Latin Pop Singer


Photo © Dovile Sermokas

“Don’t be a tinnitussi – protect your ears!”

Lisa Bassenge