Photo © Stefan Heilemann/heilemania

“I think tinnitus research is important because more and more people are suffering from tinnitus and are significantly affected by it. To be able to help these people, but also to find out more about the causes and effects of this suffering is an important task.

I think education about tinnitus and hearing protection is important because our hearing is one of the most important sensory organs. Young people in particular are often too careless with their physical resources, without thinking about what consequences this may have for them in the future. Tinnitus often means a massive impairment of hearing and thus of the ability to communicate. It also stresses entire nervous systems, which all too often has a negative impact on overall quality of life. I think many people don’t realize the scope of this suffering. This is where education needs to be done.”

Birgit Muggenthaler
Instrumentalist with Schandmaul and others