Photo © Daniel M. Deuter

“I think research and education about tinnitus is important because young and healthy people in particular are unaware of and underestimate the dangers of hearing loss and tinnitus disease. Education especially in schools should be increased in my opinion.”

Christoph Huntgeburth
Solo flutist and professor


Photo © Christoph-Köstlin

“As a musician, I believe that healthy hearing is one of the most important components of human health. And it is so delicate! To preserve and protect it in today’s environment requires great dedication and commitment. The German Foundation Tinnitus and Hearing Charité has dedicated itself to this commendable task.”

Avi Avital


Photo © Arvo Pärt Centre

“We rarely understand how sounds affect us because we don’t realize how much of the world we actually perceive through our sense of hearing. And as long as there is no problem with our hearing, we pay little attention to the sounds around us. However, as tinnitus receives more and more attention, I am extremely pleased that there are concerted efforts to cure and eliminate it. Therefore, I wish you great success in your future endeavors to eventually conquer this acute medical condition.”

Arvo Pärt


Photo © Anatol Kotte / Mercury Classics / Deutsche Grammophon

“I think tinnitus research is important because it can help a lot of people regain their quality of life or do their jobs,” he said. I think education about tinnitus and protecting hearing is important because it’s an issue that can’t be underestimated.”

Andreas Ottensamer