Photo © Lisa Mazzucco

“At the Emerson String Quartet, we think great art is an essential part of a fulfilling life. People perceive music, art, theater, dance, literature and film through their senses. It is important to protect our sight and hearing so that we can continue to communicate with others, care for ourselves and our loved ones, and preserve access to humanity’s greatest cultural treasures. We, as musicians, strongly believe in the importance of the aesthetic message that we carry to many parts of the globe and we want the audience to be able to process and understand the thoughts and feelings of those who have become the guiding stars of our civilization.

We have heard that tinnitus is often a first sign of hearing loss. We urge all those who notice this troubling symptom to consult a hearing specialist to learn what may be causing the problem and what can be done to alleviate it. In an increasingly noisy society, where the inner sense of peace and balance is often assaulted by relentless noise and electronic amplification, it is essential to protect the delicate mechanisms through which we participate in the world of sound.”

Emerson String Quartet
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